Four Centuries Contest Discussion Schedule

by Nicole
Posted October 15, 2012 • 2 comments

Join us to discuss the finalists in the “Four Centuries of Mormon Stories” contest on a different blog each day. Here’s the schedule:

Mon. Oct. 15: “Little Karl” by Melissa Leilani Larson at Dawning of a Brighter Day
Tues. Oct. 16: “Ruby’s Gift” by Emily Debenham at Real Intent
Wed. Oct. 17: “Numbers” by Melody Burris at BeingLDS
Thu. Oct. 18: “Maurine Whipple, Age 16, Takes a Train North” by Theric Jepson at The Low-Tech World
Fri. Oct. 19: “When the Bishop Started Killing Dogs” by Steven Peck at Thmazing’s Thutopia
Sat. Oct. 20: “Something Practical” by Melody Burris on the Everyday Mormon Writer Facebook page

Mon. Oct. 22: “The ReActivator” by Wm Morris at Modern Mormon Men
Tues. Oct. 23: “Oaxaca” by Anneke Garcia at A Latter-day Voice
Wed. Oct. 24: “The Defection of Baby Mixo” by Mark Penny at Mormon Midrashim
Thu. Oct. 25: “Release” by Wm Morris at
Fri. Oct. 26: “Avek, Who Is Distributed” by Steven Peck at A Motley Vision
Sat. Oct. 27: “Waiting” by Kathy Cowley at Segullah

2 responses to “Four Centuries Contest Discussion Schedule”

  1. […] works we can all be familiar with. We’ll be holding a discussion of each finalist on a different blog starting with a discussion of “Little Karl” here […]

  2. Th. says:


    This is a cool idea, distributing the discussions. I hope it works. I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks, now all the more so.